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My virtual talks and workshops are known for giving audiences the practical skills they need to lead confidently, leverage their strengths, and thrive in today’s world of work.

I pack my presentations with tangible takeaways and actionable content, based on the latest psychology, workplace, and leadership research and insights.

My sensitive strengths make me an empathetic presenter who’s able to connect to audiences quickly and create an engaging experience that inspires them to action.

Speaking fees start from $300 hr. 

Rates for higher education and non-profits are available.

Topics I can discuss for both Youth and Adults 

- Business Mindset     

- Digital Marketing 

- Building Resilience 

- Burnout

- Time Management 

- Women's leadership 

- Developing healthy habits

- Future/direction 

- Body Image & Self-Esteem

- Technology Media Info Overload

- Identity 

- Mindfulness

- Overcoming Procrastination

- Perfectionism 


Want Jahida to speak at your event?

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